Osteofluidics Master –  Parma- 2018/2019

The course is organized to form and develop the approach to holistic body work , in order to have new tools of global aid at the service of the person. The course is taught by a professional therapist who teaches in schools and agencies of vocational training, in order to combine the skills of the lecturer and the experience of the practitioner.

Aim of this course is to prepare participants to perform in complete autonomy one session of manual intervention having as a reference point the observance of the therapeutic protocol. For this reason, the course is structured to provide participants with the basic managing knowledge of the main causes for intervention. Students are engaged in practical exercises and case studies. So the they can get used to the planning mode, the conduct of meetings and to evaluate autonomously the progressive increase in their ability to interact with the “language of the fluids”.

The course is of great interest to all the people and organizations that intend to implement a customer service with alternative therapies and complementary treatments or who intend to use the instrument of the fluidic osteopathy as a means of verification and regularization of fluidic effects on the body due to the effect of other types of care, more structural or classic, thus allowing excellent results of global harmonization.
Membership Cad, operators in the field of wellness, shiatsu, naturopathy, massage therapy and aesthetics.

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The Discipline

A methodology created to quickly return to the body ability of self-healing: a global method, sweet and accurate, based on “subtle listening” of the micro-movements linked to the passage of vital fluids within each region of the body.
The Poyet osteo-energy method operates through the application of light, non-invasive reflex-genic cutaneous stimulation which are barely perceptible to the subject. No manipulative risks are present.
Treatment protocols interact on different levels: mental – emotional – corporal
This therapy is totally without contra-indications, the interventions are conceived as light information pulses that suggest to the body how to unlock its own fluids (lymph, blood and cerebrospinal fluid).

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What problems may it resolve?

All spine problems: sciatica, lumbago, cervicobrachialgia, back pain (also chronic), carpal tunnel syndrome, neuralgia.
It helps to tackle all the traumas due to falls or accidents, sprains and distortions.
Intense emotional traumas, processing of detachments, bereavements.
Mandibular problems, occlusal imbalances, headaches, syndrome of the trigeminal nerve, fibromyalgia, generalized stress, anxiogenic states, panic attacks, digestive difficulties, mio-fascial pains, tensive headache muscles.
Pregnant women with back pain or sciatica.
Sinusitis, allergies, headaches and migraines, even chronic.
Threat of pre-term birth, in case of childbirth with the use of cesarean section is useful to reactivate the energy movement interrupted by scar.
Check and correct the structure of the basin after childbirth.
For infants and children who have otitis to repetition, resurgence, some allergies, behavioral problems, scoliosis, and scoliotic aptitudes.
In case of births with forceps or suction cups to verify the presence of restrictions of the cranial rhythms in the spheno-basic symphysis.
Depressive tendencies post childbirth.
Disorders of the reproductive apparatus, painful menstruation.
Menopause, hot flushes.
All sports injuries from dislocations, sprains, epicondylitis.

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Teacher Fabio Rizzo: Massotherapist, osteopath and kinesiologist, he graduates with a thesis on spine pathologies. He specialized in France in fluidic osteopathy, cranium-sacral harmonization and kinesiology.

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Registration fees 2018/2019 Osteofluidic Master  Price € 3900,00
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